About Us

Micro Instruments Co, an organization that is well known for its design capability, test facilities, product quality and reliability.

Beginning in 1989, Micro Instruments Co. today caters to a wide variety of OEM requirements of motors, e.g. for Refrigerators, Air Conditioners, Visi coolers, Telecommunications and other Electronics equipment. Some products have been designed and manufactured for automotive under the hood application as well.Applied Technological and engineering capabilities for brushless motors allow us to introduce innovative new energy efficient products like Brushless Motor Ceiling Fan. We do the hard work so you can enjoy electricity savings without compromising on the comfort.

Micro Instruments Specializes in design and manufacture BLDC motors and energy efficient ceiling fans. We are located at Ambala Cantt, Haryana . Our mission is to design energy efficient products to assist those in energy poverty. We specialize in cost effective products for existing facility. All work that we perform is supervised by our well qualified engineers and managers. Integrity, honesty, cost efficiency and great products are the strength of our business.

STRENGTH: R& D is a major strength of Micro Instruments. With a strong team of Engineers in various disciplines including Electrical, Mechanical, Electronic Hardware, Software Development and Tool Design/Manufacture it truly has multidiscipline capability. It is not dependent on external resources for any of its development needs. With recent addition of a basic Rapid Prototyping machine, it can develop prototypes and products even faster now.