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  • ERM


ERM specially designed for Condenser, Evaporator, Cold Rooms, Ducts, Tele Packs and General Purpose. The motor is of Insulation class B.

ERM fans are designed keeping voltage condition of India in mind. They have features like rust proof shaft spark free winding design, self-lubricated bearing system etc.

Model No. A B C D E F G
MERM30-92B25A/2L-XXXX 92 300 325 -- 30 80 360
MERM35-92B35A/2L-XXXX 92 350 375 -- 40 90 422
  • Condenser
  • Evaporator
  • Cold Rooms
  • Ducts
  • Tele Packs
MERM30-92B25A/2L-XXXX230 V50Hz0.3480135018002.5-
MERM35-92B35A/2L-XXXX230 V50Hz0.7150138029805.0-
MERM92B18A/2L-XXXX115 V 60Hz0.70752600-6.0-
92B25A/2L-XXXX230 V 50Hz0.3480135012202.545
92B35A/2L-XXXX230 V50Hz0.65150135022705.080
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