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BLDC φ 87 motor specially designed for visicoolers (Bottle and cold Drink Can Coolers), IDU and TPW ( Table fan ,Padestal Fan, and Wall fan ) with ~ 50 % less power consumption as compared to Induction motors. The motor is of insulation class B.

BLDC motors have additional features like constant RPM, Remote capability option , current based trip, over/ under voltage protection , 3 trials for auto restart before shut down. Auto power down for locked rotor and many other features. These can be used as general purpose motors in the range of max. Power specified.

MICROElectronically CommutatedController 1,2,3,4Stack Diameter in mmBearing Type (S-Sleeve, B-Ball Bearing)Stack Length in mmRotation (A-Antilock, C-Clock)Voltage (115-1, 230V-2, 12V-3,24V-4, 48V-5, 96V-6, 310V-9)A-AC, D-DCConnection Type (Terminal-T, Lead Wire-L)Internal Code
  • Switch/Remote Adjustable Speed Control
  • Thermal Protection
  • Soft Start for Reducing Inrush Current
  • Interchangeable use of Remote and Switches
  • Last Speed Saved
  • Last Information Saved During Power Failure for Speed, Pump and Swing
  • Auto Turn ON when Power Resumed

Mechanical Dimensions

MEC187B15A/9DL-JF1 101 50 20 43 26
MEC187B15A/9DL-JF2 165 100 25 43 26
MEC187B15A/5DL-JF3 165 100 25 43 26
MEC187B15C/2DL-JF4 101 50 20 43 26
MEC187B15C/2DL-JF5 165 100 25 43 -
MEC187B25A/2DL-JJ1 175 175 25 60 33.5
  • Condenser, Evaporator
  • Refrigerators Condenser
  • Visicoolers
  • Condenser
  • Evaporator
  • IDU, TPW, Exhaust Fan
  • General Purpose
  • Operating Voltage : 150V ≤ Vin ≤ 265V
  • Motor Trip Voltage : <160 , >270 V
  • Over Load Trip Current : Factory Set
  • RPM vs Voltage : Constant RPM
  • Time Delay to Start : ≤ 5 Sec.
  • Delays : Remote Sensing Start Delay and Full Speed are Achieved in Factory Set Delays
  • Operating Temp. : -10°C to +55°C
  • Humidity : ≤ 95%RH@50°C

Safety Parameters

  • Class-B Insulation
  • Insulation Resistance > 10MΩ@500V DC
  • HVAC : 1500VAC, <5mA

Remote Features

  • ON/OFF Switch
  • Pump ON/OFF
  • Swing ON/OFF
  • LED Signals for Speeds, Pump, Swing


  • Auto Power down for Locked Rotor
  • Current Based Trip : Factory Set
  • Over/Under Voltage Protection
  • 3 Trials of Auto Restart before Shut Down
  • HVAC : 1500VAC, <5mA

Electrical Performance

MEC187B15A/9DL-JF1310V DC_36251400/1300/1200174070%IDU
MEC187B15A/9DL-JF2310V DC--26181250/1180/1100140070%IDU
MEC187B15A/5DL-JF348V DC--32231300/1220/1160
MEC187B15C/2DL-JF4230V AC50-60 Hz3524.51350/1250/1150177070%TPW
MEC187B15C/2DL-JF5230V AC50-60 Hz20141350/1250/1150101070%IDU
MEC187B25A/2DL-JJ1230V AC50-60 Hz40281500/1400/1300182070%IDU
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