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BLDC Ceiling fan is specially designed for Domestic and Industrial application with ~ 60 % less power consumption as compared to Induction motors. It consumes only 31 Watt Power.

BLDC ceiling fan have additional features like constant RPM (From 140-270 VAC), Remote /Regulator option, over/ under voltage protection. Inverter friendly. 6 Watt Power consumption at lowest speed, last speed memory and many more. Available sizes 900 mm, 1050 mm, 1200 mm and1400 mm.

You can visit our other website orbitgreens to buy our Ceiling Fans.

  • Copper Winding
  • Precision Double Ball Bearing
  • Dynamically Balanced
  • Last Speed Memory
  • Remote/Regulator Option
  • Lubricated For Life
  • Noise Less Operation
  • Low/High Voltage Protection
Speed Table BL-10 (900 MM SWEEP)
Speed  VoltsHourly Power ConsumptionRPM  (TYP)±20Air Flow CMMInverter Backup 60AHR12VService Value
High140-27017 Watt44014020+hrs8.2
Med. High140-27113 Watt380---
Medium140-2729 Watt310---
Low140-2737 watt240---
Very Low140-2745 Watt200-55+hrs-

Speed Table BL-20 (1050 MM SWEEP)
Speed  VoltsHourly Power ConsumptionRPM  (TYP)±20Air Flow CMMInverter Backup 60AHR12VService Value
High140-27023 Watt40019015+hrs8.2
Med. High140-27116 Watt340---
Medium140-27212 Watt280---
Low140-2739 watt220---
Very Low140-2746 Watt180-55+hrs-

Speed Table BL-30 (1200 MM SWEEP)
Speed  VoltsHourly Power ConsumptionRPM  (TYP)±20Air Flow CMMInverter Backup 60AHR12VService Value
High140-27031 Watt36021012+hrs6.7
Med. High140-27121 Watt310---
Medium140-27214 watt260---
Low140-27311 Watt210---
Very Low140-2746 Watt160-45+hrs-

Speed Table BL-35 (900 MM SWEEP)
Speed  VoltsHourly Power ConsumptionRPM  (TYP)±20Air Flow CMMInverter Backup 60AHR12VService Value
High23034 Watt37522511+hrs6.6
Med. High23023 Watt320---
Medium23014 Watt270---
Low2309 watt220---
Very Low2306 Watt170-40+hrs-

Speed Table BL-40 (1400 MM SWEEP)
Speed  VoltsHourly Power ConsumptionRPM  (TYP)±20Air Flow CMMInverter Backup 60AHR12VService Value
High140-27038 Watt3002708+hrs7.1
Med. High140-27028 watt255235--
Medium140-27017 watt210---
Medium140-27012 watt165---
Medium140-2707 watt120-35+ hrs-

Speed Table BL-45 (1400 MM SWEEP)
Speed  VoltsHourly Power ConsumptionRPM  (TYP)±20Air Flow CMMInverter Backup 60AHR12VService Value
High23038 Watt3002708+hrs7.1
Med. High23028 watt255235--
Medium23017 watt210---
Low23012 Watt165---
Very Low2307 watt120-35+hrs-

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  • Only 31 Watts Power Consumption
  • Operating Voltage 140V-270VAC
  • Constant Speed from 140V-270VAC
  • With Exclusive Design for Less Power Consumption on Lower Speed
  • Inverter Friendly with 45+ Hours Backup on Lowest Speed (12V, 60Ahr Battery)
  • 6W Power Consumption at Lower Speed, Less than half that of a CFL
  • Help reduce Carbon Emission for Greener India
  • Use 5 Fans in Electricity Cost of 2 Fans
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