Door Locks are specially designed for Washing machine. The motor is of Insulation class B.

Door Locks are designed with fire resistance material (UL-94-V0) mind. They have features like wrong connection protection etc.

  • Washing Machine

11.HVAC1500V AC/2Sec/1 mA
12.Insulation Resistance> 10MΩ
13.Insulation ClassB
14.Locking coil resistance@25°C1325 + 100Ω
15.Wrong connection protectionProtected
16.Fire ResistanceUL-94-V0
17.Surge TestAs per customer spec

18.Slider and lock life 15,000 cycles
19.Main wash locking mechanical life15,000 cycles (60min on & 5 min off)
20.Delay mechanism life15,000 cycles
21.Motor switch life20,000 cycles
22.Aux switch life30,000 cycles

23.Humidity test95% @40°C
24.Salt spray test5% salt solution for 96 hours

25.Screw hole size for mounting4mm
26.Terminal250 series main faston
27.Screw thread type# 10 sheet metal
28.Surface finish (visible surface)Matte
29.Color (visible surface)Light grey
30.Material flammabilityUL-94-V0

1.Voltage95-132V, 50/60 Hz
Current Rating                     Door Switch
                                              Auxilliary Switch

3.Noise LevelNo chatter in solenoid
4.Time Delay (spin coast down)
Min. 70sec.
Max. 720 sec. (12 min)
5.Temp Rise95°C
6.Retention force of lock in locked stateMin 50 lbs
7.Retention force of lock in unlocked stateMax. 15 lbs
8.Insertion force of striker1.85 - 2.5 lbs
9.Extraction force of striker3.30 - 8.10 lbs
10.Locking impact strength test of slider and lockWithstand 3 lbs from 2"

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